Geonkick is a synthesizer designed specifically for generating percussive sounds. It is developed by Iurie Nistor who started this project in 2017.

The synthesizer is written in the C and C++ programming languages and functions as a standalone application as well as a LV2 and VST3 plugin. Currently, Geonkick is only compatible with the GNU/Linux operating system.

Geonkick is free software, released under the GNU General Public License v3.0 or later.

Geonkick is used by music producers to create unique sounds for their percussion, as well as sound effects for games. The synthesizer can also play pre-existing samples and offers features such as pitch modification, allowing users to modify and blend samples and synthesis.

About the Geonkick Author

Iurie Nistor is a software engineer and a former physics researcher. Currently working in the field of computer-aided design. He enjoys spending his free time writing interesting code, studying physics, doing nature photography and uploading his photographs on Wikimedia Commons under public domain license.